Once you've signed up and confirmed the link in your email, you will get 250 points! To get more points all you have to do is complete offers, finish surveys, and watch videos for fast points. These points can then be used for getting free Microsoft Points. The best offers for new users is called Reward-TV. If it's your first offer, it will approve automatically and give you 50 more points!

Then, after that all you have to do is go the the "Earn Points" at the top of the screen, pick any category you want to earn points from, and complete those you would like to do. Personal information is never given away and it's 100% legit!
To redeem your points for a free Microsoft Points code:
  • Hover over the Spend Points tab located at the top of the page
  • Click the Gift Cards section
  • Scroll around to find the card you want - It ranges from 400 - 4,000 MSP
  • Add the card to your Cart
  • Purchase the Code with your points from the site
  • Wait, for them to arrive!

Remember, there are always other gamers and users online here who have redeemed for their own points and are willing to help you get your Microsoft points. There is even a Helper System where respected users can contact you and guide you step-by-step through all this process. Just reply to their help message and get what you want!

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  1. p2s is way to hard it takes like 1 hour to get 3 points when you need at least a thousand