Here are a few questions and answers you might have about Points2Shop on receiving your free Microsoft Points! If you need more help, feel free to check out our Facebook page!

Q: Is this site trustworthy? Can I get free Microsoft Points?
A: Yes! Advertisers pay P2S for clicks to their sites and when you click through to them and do what is asked you get points! The points can then be redeemed for MS Points Codes. To do this, go to the Spend Points tab at the top, click Gift Cards, scroll down to the Microsoft Points option, place your request for them, and wait for it to be sent to you. It can either be sent to your email or home. A credit card is not required for any of the offers! Plus, there are millions of users already who have taken advantage of this.

Q: Anything special I have to do when doing offers?
A: Before every offer you must delete your browsers cookies. And for better approval rates use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure you follow the directions too - They're usually found under the offer title. Some offers may take awhile to approve so please be patient. Lastly, false information can result in points being taken back and account bans - There is only one account allowed per household.

Q: What are merits, and tickets?
A: Merits are tokens used for team competitions. You can rack in the merits, join a merits team, donate the merits to try and compete for more points towards free Microsoft Points! Tickets are used for the lottery held on Wednesdays. Your tickets are entered automatically and there is no set time for it either. You can get all these from doing offers, playing Spin2Win, and posting in the forums.

Q: Where and how can I get help?
A: There are members on at all times of the day (including thousands of users from around the world.) The 24-hour ShoutBox on the site is filled with helpful members. There's even a Helper System where members can contact you through an IM to help you. They can assist you one-on-one to answer your questions, give you good offer links, and help you get free Microsoft Points. Be patient and nice and you'll get what you want.

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