Free Microsoft Points For Gamers Everywhere

Microsoft points are a form of money used through Microsoft to help every gamer and user purchase new content offered through their services and those crave-able add-ons/accessories for your favourite games; Microsoft points allow you to get what you want. Though Microsoft prefers you buying these codes straight from the XBOX website or through a shop, there are other ways of acquiring them online. Some websites out there allow you to accumulate points through apps, games, and signups that can then be redeemed for free Microsoft points. These sites are helpful to those you are interested in getting MS points, but don't have the money at the moment to get them. But through these types of websites, people need to use their spare time to follow the upcoming steps which will guide them towards earning their free Microsoft Points.

Points2Shop is one of the best known websites that guides its users toward getting free Microsoft points, and multiple other objects needed to enjoy the gaming experience; consoles, games, headsets, chargers, cables..etc. Using Points2Shop to earn free Microsoft points is legal; it is permitted by Microsoft itself. The process can be describe by the user gaining points from doing tasks asked by advertisers then upon approval from the advertiser receiving those points. Upon getting enough points needed/desired the user can then purchase the Microsoft Points for free. This means you can approach this site without hesitation and join the 3+million strong community. But to get these points, you must follow these steps.

  • Register your email with Points2Shop - then confirm the link sent to that email address
  • Once registered for free Microsoft points codes, it's time to earn the points you need. This can be done through apps, games, offers, or surveys. Each allots a diffferent amount.
  • Once you have ordered the Microsoft Points, they will be sent to the given email within a day! (The purchase needs to be approved by an admin.) Once this is complete, you can use the MS points as you want!

For every 100 points gained, it equals $1 USD. To help prove to you that they want you as a user and want to keep you there, they give you 250 points upon start-up. If you ever need help, Points2Shop offers a helpful community in their ShoutBox or through their Helper System where users and gamers, like yourself, can help you get what you want.

You can earn many different merchandise with the points from Points2Shop as well, here are some of them:

 New Maps
 Free Xbox Live
 Free one month Xbox live gold cards.
 Many video games – Call of Duty, Kill Zone 2, Fallout 3 etc.
 Free Xbox controller
 1,600 Free Microsoft Points
 4,000 Free Microsoft Points

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