Free Microsoft Points Online

Are you looking for free Microsoft points? Who isn't? Because, with Microsoft Points you can:

  • Get full Xbox 360 games from Demand
  • Download games to your Xbox console
  • Get extra maps, missions, levels, and add-on packs to games
  • Rent or buy movies and TV shows from Zune
  • Get Avatar accessories

The need and want for Microsoft Points over the years has been increasingly growing, because of big game franchises such as, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout releasing games with downloadable content, maps, and accessories. But, who has all the money to get enough Points for all these amazing games being released?Especially when one MSP card is $20. And we all know that extra money could be used for more games, new controllers, snacks, and energy drinks.

But, now, you can get free Microsoft Points with only a few clicks. GPT sites have made this possible. GPT sites are sites that give you points to do offers, surveys, or simply watch movies for points. Advertisers pay for these activities to happen and upon receiving these points, you can redeem them for Microsoft Points. It's completely legal and free of charge. The MSP codes can either be sent to an email or through the mail.

Getting Valid Free Microsoft Points

What are free Microsoft points, why do you need them and why are they so important? Those among many other questions are some of the puzzles that you may have in your mind whenever you go looking for information on the internet. If you are an Xbox enthusiasts, then you most likely have come across these points before. But have you ever bothered to find out about them, say, like, how do they work and what can I get with them?

Don’t mind these points because it is really simple. They are the currency, in the true meaning of that word, that you exchange for Xbox goodies or products that would give you advantage as a live gamer. Just as you use money to buy things, in Xbox live gaming, you need the aforementioned points to buy maps, music, movies and many more things from Microsoft. It works like where you have to buy the Microsoft points first so that you can in return use them to buy the aforementioned products.

So actually, you are supposed to buy these points from Microsoft, but why buy if there is another place that you will get the same points, genuine mind you, free of charge? Of course, going for the freebies is indeed sensible. That is why on this site we bring you information about free Microsoft points and they are free, meaning that you will not have to use your credit card to buy them. However, it will depend on whether there is an offer of such. If there is, you just go ahead and claim them.

So if the Microsoft points have to be bought, where do the owners of the websites get them to offer them freely? That is a good question, but in most websites, you will find that promoters and advertisers will have paid for the Microsoft points and therefore you will get them free. Believe it, this is not a scam but the free Microsoft points are indeed free. Sometimes, you will get alerts of any available free points deals on the site. That is why it is recommended that when you sign up here, you should sign up using your genuine email address.

There is no limit to the number of free Microsoft points that you may get but depending on whatever deal is there, whatever is on offer at the website, you can get as many as you find. Note that signing up for the account on this website is free of charge. It is also important to mention that genuine sites which give you free points have no spam email. Therefore, you will not get your inbox full of junk.

When signing up, your login deals will be safe, but you too should take the initiative of ensuring that everything is safe from your end. For example, you should never give away your password or user name. Free Microsoft points are a continuing deal and therefore you should be a regular visitor. Once you get the codes a combination of letters and numbers, login to the Microsoft site and redeem your points.

Free Microsoft Points and Free XBOX LIVE Proof!

We know people are skeptical about getting free Microsoft Points or anything free from the Internet. And we were like that at one time too! Who wouldn't be? It seems to good to be true! Upon being a member at Points2Shop we've all discovered that free things are easy to come by: if you put the little effort into it.

Within a few days, one of the admins earned enough points to get free Microsoft Points (Well, XBOX LIVE) The photos below are proof to show you that the codes you receive are valid and will work!


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